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Name: Yumi Nagashima Ho
Current location: California
Languages spoken: Japanese and English
Started location&date: Italy 2012
Certificate current status:


Founder and President of Yummy Nails Inc.

Graduated from Sun Social in Japan and Career Academy of Beauty in USA
JNA Level 1 Licensed Manicurist
California State Board Licensed Manicurist
Master Artist Educator for EzFlow (2001-2003)


1999 INPT Nail Competition, Nail Art, 1st place
2003 Nailpro in Atlanta, Salon Success, 5th place
2004 The Nailympics Competition Las Vegas, Wrap, 1st place
2006 Nailpro in Anaheim, Spa Manicuring, 5th place
2008 The Nailympics Competition London, Wrap, 4th place


2006 2nd Annual Hong Kong Nail Competition
2008-2009 Taiwan NBAPU International Nail Competition
2010-2013 Taiwan TNA International Nail Competition
2012 Malaysia Tom Holcomb International Nail Competition
2013 The Nailympics Competition Italy

2013 Malaysia CosmoNail Cup International Nail Competition

2013 The Nailympics Competition Ukraine

2013 1st Annual Chinese National International Nail Competition

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