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Professional experience: 2008 - a nail artist, teacher at Manicure Center 2010 till now - a certified master designer EZ Flow Victory Nails Company. 2010 till now - an internationally recognized expert, advanced teacher in one of the leading nail companies in Ukraine 'Real Professional Nail System and Nail School, designer of training programs and manuals, leading production designer, author of unique designer courses and technicist of painting nails with gels in styles 'Zhostovo', 'Gel Floristry', 'Vintage', 'Art Mix Salon' ( speed techniques in salon designs), author of unique modelling technique 'Out of Copy Templets', 'Mini Modelling'. "3D gel modeling"

Name: Yuliia Zvarych

Current location: Ukraine

Languages spoken: Ukrainian English and Russian
Started location&date: Iviv-Ukraine 2016
Certificate current status:
July 2016


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