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Name: Yolanda Hernández
Current location: Madrid - España
Languages spoken: English and Spanish
Started location&date:
Certificate current status:


Yolanda Hernández was born in Madrid, Spain.
Nail embellishment lover for as long as she can remember.
She has entered the nail industry after she has finished her studies as esthetics: Personal and Decorative Aesthetics Degree more than 10 years ago.
Since then she has not stopped training with the best nail instructors improving her career.

Yolanda has been awarded the Gold Medal by the Spanish Association of Professionals of the Image (AEPI).
She has done nail art works for television programs and for some Spanish celebrities as well as specialized nail industry magazines.

She is the Director and trainer of her own training center called Uñas y Estética in Madrid (Spain) for more than 10 years and she has already trained more than 12,000 students to whom she has passed on her knowledge and her passion for nail art

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