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Rachel Tang


Founder and Principal of The Pink Room Int’l Nail Academy, Rachel Tang has under her belt the Level 1 Nailist License from Japan Nailist Association, the highest recognized level of skill certification for Nailist in Japan.Rachel currently sits as the Chairman for Singapore’s Local Nail Association; the Nailist Association for International License Singapore (NAILS) aims at rising the professionalism and skill level for all nailist in Singapore and around the world through a common licensing certification.

She is also licensed and competent with the Korean’s Nailist Licensing System. As a Qualified Examiner of Korea Government’s Qualification Association, Rachel invigilates for the Korea’s Nail Expert Association’s Nailist License Examinations. Nail Licenses aside, Rachel is a Certified Educator of numerous nail product systems and nail education certification all over the world, from USA, Korea, Japan to name a few.

Rachel believes that being a skilled Nailist is only the basic requirements to being a good trainer. Thus with her numerous invigilating for nail examinations and judging experiences both locally and internationally; Rachel has gained great sensitivity and accuracy in her standard assessments for high quality work in international nail competitions.

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