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     Mrs. Noseda began her entry into the World of nails in 1999, performing services to customers. She has trained with national and international masters, making more than 30 training. INTERNATIONAL EDUCATOR: In 2005, she joined her two passions: teaching her profession for more than 20 years and the world of nails. She has been dedicated to train and perfect professionals, doing trips for all the country and bordering countries.
     From 2014, she belongs to the equipment of judges INJA (Nº Judge 140), taking part of different competitions above mentioned role. Mrs. Noseda possesses a great passion for the world of the nails, haranguing her pupils to taking part in competitions. She has participated as a competitor in: 2014 Expomanos y uñas – Nail Art 3D Fantasy (Getting a Special Mention) 2014 Competencia Latinoamericana de uñas. Embellishment The 2nd place. Nail Art 3D Fantasy 3rd place. 2015 Competencia Latinoamericana de uñas . Nail Art 3D Fantasy the 2nd place.


2000 Maestría en uñas esculpidas (Misky República Dominicana) Últimas Técnicas Profesionales en esculpido de Uñas & Art Nails (Misky R.Dominicana) 2012: Diferentes técnicas de Nail Art (Álvaro Durán Forero) 2013 One Stroke Nivel I One Stroke Diseño 3D (V. Arleo) Técnica en esculpido de uñas de gel con hilos U.V. 2014 Puntas Internacional Avanzadas (A.Durán) Diseños en 3D (A.Durán) Taller estructuración punta Stiletto (Alma Frutis) Perfeccionamiento en estructura y French en acrílico Mod.I (Ingrid Hualppa) Perfeccionamiento Mod. II Perfeccionamiento estruct. (Virginia Arleo) Perfeccionamiento uñas de gel (Agustina Pino) Jornada artística (Sra. Arleo) Taller inicial fantasía 3D (A.Pino) 2015 Taller Nails Arts (Hilda Rojas) Seminario de One Stroke Nivel Avanzado (Mariana Sándor) Estructura avanzadas y Nails Art (León Cabriales) Gel Art Effects (José Alcaide y Cristóbal Cervera) Gel Artist & Gel Structured (C.Cervera y J.Alcaide) “La magia del Diseño Argentina 2015” (Lulú Desfassiaux Vergra) 2016 “Electric file system” (Lysa Comfort) “Gira Argentina 2016” (Hilda Rojas) Certification “Master” of Alter Academy In 2016 she was head judge in “Latin American Nails Competition” and Evaluation Judge Recognized in 2016 by the Organization “Passion Nails” as one of the 30 more influent nail artists in Latin America INJA Judge resertification: September 2016

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