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Name: Milan Krstic
Current location: Novi Sad, Serbia
Languages spoken:
Started location&date:
Certificate current status:


Born in Nis, Serbia. Finished elementary and high school in native town and in 2004. started studies in Fashion Design.

My first set of nails were done in 2003 with resin technique. The same year I have start working with Acrylic and Gel.

Soon my business expanded and I became one of the most sought after nail technician in Nis and across the country.

In 2011 I had the opportunity to attend the IBD educator training reciving the IBD International Elite Educator certificate and continued working as an educator sharing my knowledge on seminars, workshops and trainings.

I began working international presentations in 2013 in  Romania and China. The same year on Nailympics in Spain I have competed for IBD brand and took the first two (French sculpting gel, stiletto sculpting gel), two third places (tip box, soak of manicure)

In 2014, on Nailympics in Rome, Italy I took third place in the French sculpting. During the same year I did IBD  training class and demo of the products in China.

From February, 2015 I am working as IBD Global Educator.

I have wrote an introduction text and did step by step photo tutorial as an ad for Belgrade exhibition show Touch Of Paris. Also did a  demo video for IBD Just Gel Polishes and nail art with products which was used as an ad for the show in Kozmo Kozmetika tv show.

In March, 2016 he did a demo for Lady Bird  on Cosmoprof Bologna demoing IBD products. Septembre 2016 he held a training for IBD technicions at Lady Bird House in Modena, Italy.

January 2017 brought him 3rd place at NailPro Nailapalooza Soak Off Manicure non divisional.

My goal is to improve more and to share my knowledge with all my colegs, former and future students and help them grow as nail industry and nail competitions grow.

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