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Kim, Mi Won is the organizer in chief for Nailympics Asia 2012 and the president of the Korea Association of Nail Knowledge Services. She is the person who has been leading the Korean nail industry at the beginning.

You will be amazed by her passion on academic achievements as well as success on business. In her academic achievement, she is a professor teaching Cosmetology at Joongbu University with her Master’s degree on Culture & Art. She is an active international educator teaching seminars in many countries including the Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, and Malaysia.

As a successful business woman, she is also the president of a nail salon brand, Bongsoonga Sontop. She is involving active research and development on fashion trends and art, as she is the founder for the International NailXpert Group, publishing nail art work collection, Bongsoonga-Sontop, every year for a decade. She is also a very much qualified judge for international competitions. She has been judging at USA, Japan, Germany, UK, Russia, Malaysia, the Mainland of China, Hong Kong, and South Korea.


Mi Won Kim

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