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Name: Marcelo Fabián Merlino

Current location:

Languages spoken: English

Started location&date: Nov 2014 in Argentina

Certificate current status: Nov. 2014




January, February, 2001
Natural Nailcare Education Course, Certificate of completion given by Ez Flow Nail Systems                                                       
Qualified technician by Super Nail  
May 2012
Nail Design (Flocking, Monomero, Vitral and Watercolor Systems) Advanced Level. AMI Nails and Lash & Tiare Nails Esthetics & Nail Art Magazine    
Certified educator
November, 2013                            
Intensive course in nail expertise given by Virginia Arleo, Global Master Artist Educator
November, 2014
First Latin-American Nail Competition    
International Nail Judges Association granted Marcelo Fabián Merlino the position of judge.

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