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Lourdes(Lulu) Desfassiaux Vergara


María de Lourdes Desfassiaux Vergara, CEO of Ez Flow Mexico is a Lawyer by profession with a Masters Degree in Private International Law. Married and Mother of three children. Her passion for the nails made her search for the best products and the best instructors worldwide. In her twenty year experience in the world of nails, she acquired an excellent and high level in the industry and got a very solid preparation and trajectory. Lourdes has worked with many personalities from the world of nails, and she regularly participates in international training events and competitions. Thanks to her work, training and creativity she has earned the very first place in every competition she participates in, like the ones organized by NAILPRO, in Veterans (Masters)Category. In 2010 she participated in the World Champions Competitions held in London, England, getting Nailympics Mix Media 1st Place in Masters Category, and 2nd Place in Fantasy Nail Art in the Masters Category. She also has Ez Flow ´s Global and International Master Artist Educator Certification, what accredits her as a Member of The Global International Master Artists; her real passion is to train professionals in nails. Lourdes Desfassiaux is the current winner of the First Place in Fantasy Category, Third Place in Mix Media Category, and First Place in Team Category Level 3 for Masters, in the last edition of Nailympics, held in London, England in 2011. In the last 10 years, Lourdes Desfassiaux has developed her own International Acrylic Nail Brand called "Queens of the Nails", which is manufactured with the very best pigments and powders in the world. Queens of the Nails is focused for all nail art, color and 3D lovers, making it in Mexico the Best Selling Color Acrylic Brand, and the most used by Nail Technicians. She also founded the “Lourdes Desfassiaux International Nail Academy” located in Puebla, Mexico which operates with the Finest Nail Technicians and Artists in the country and worldwide. Lourdes motto is “Create true nail professionals, taking them to a level that allows them to represent the brand they use, with the same level that any professional, anywhere in the world, would”.

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