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  • Chief Director, BongSoongA Beauty School

  • Vice Head Judge, Nailympics Asia

  • Professor, Usong University

Inhee Jang is famous for her great design, delicate technique, and creativity on design sculpture and mixed media. She was the Champion for international competitions for years, including the World Championship for the Nailympics Competition in USA in 2010. With abundant experience at competitions, she has been actively teaching and leading Korean nail artists, as the Chief Director for BongSoongA Beauty Schools which has four branches in Korea. She has been also committed to teach young nail technicians as a Cosmetology professor at Usong university. Under her teaching, her students have achieved more than 150 medals in the well-known international competitions. Many world champions have been visiting her school before getting into big competitions.

She is one of the loved nail artists worldwide. She has been invited as an instructor and a certified judge in the Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, China, and many other countries. With her long experience in nail competitions as a competitor, a teacher, and a judge, she has been leading the world famous competition, Nailympics Asia Competition as a vice head judge.


In Hee Jang

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