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Name: In Ja Nam
Current location: Korea
Languages spoken: Korean
Started location&date: Seoul-Korea 2012 
Certificate current status: Judge Supervisor 


Secretary General, Koran Association of Nail Knowledge Services (KANK)

Inja has been the secretary general for KANK since 2012, and chief administrator for Nailympics Asia (now, Nailympion Asia) since the beginning. Her professional nail career has begun since 2000. Her servant leadership to nail competitions are coming with great expertise on judging. Before her career as chief administrator for Nailympics Asia and also for KANK, she has been an active judge since 2005. She has become the member judge for International Nail Judge Association (INJA) since 2012. She is also a main artist to International NailXpert Group, also known as its famous art book series, BongSoongA Sontop, since 2004 and a judge for auditions of the group since 2005. Her heart always goes to the real field, salon professionals. Herself was the owner at BongSoongA Sontop salon located at the main stream of fashion in Korea, well-known as Gangnam, for 8 years. Her interest in salon management became to her academic achievement on her Master’s degree, her thesis <An Analysis on the Selection of a Nail Salon by Nail Salon Owners and Clients and the Influence of the Selection of their Satisfaction> in 2012. She would like to see all in Italy and ready to encourage all salon professionals with fair judge.

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