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I started 19 years ago with an education to become a nail tec. I searched for a good school with a good education program but there was nothing more than an one day training.

I booked that class (18 students and one teacher). After that training they congratulate me and I was a nail tec! I didn't know what to do: laugh or cry. I trained a lot and in 3 years of time I followed many trainings and workshops to learn the profession. I worked with different brands for Acrylic, Gel, Fiber, Design and Nail Art, to learn what's important about a product (colour, retention, flexibility). I choose the brand Creative and worked several years with Creative in my salon. Twelve years ago I started to work for The Beauty Company as an Educator. I trained students with Creative and participate the Boot Camp. I won the award "best overall" I gave the boot camp training in holland with a colleague and in Belgium with Samuel Sweet and Keaton Petell. I went to Las Vegas and joint the global summit.

Ten years ago I started my own school with Ez Flow and IBD. I started with one student and one customer to buy products. Now we are working with Entity (acrylic)  and Astonishing (gel),  I have almost 2000 customers, 9 employee's and I own a beautiful school of 380 m2 with 3 class rooms.

My new website/shop is almost finished and it looks great!!

And now I am going to make the next step to become a judge for the Nailympics.

I am very excited and I am looking forward to it.


Name: Helene Tates
Current location: The Netherland 
Languages spoken; English and Dutch
Started location&date: The Netherlands 2013
Certificate current status:

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