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Name: Gail Cordua
Current location: The Netherland
Languages spoken: Dutch English and Germany 
Started location&date: The Netherland 2013
Certificate current status:


Education  / Business Courses / Workshops / Additional education

  • Mar. 2012     Educator training Entity Nail Couture (certificate)

  • Dec. 2009      Docent training Handpainting Pepijn Borrél Academy (completed with certificate)

  • Oct. 2008     Docent Design training Pepijn Borrél Academy (completed with certificate)

  • Apr. 2007      Certification workshop of Entity Nail Couture and recognized as a leader/educator in the professional Nail Industry (certificate)

  • Jun. 2006     Docent training course Ardell wimper extentions (certificate)

  • 2003 - 2004      Basic, advanced EZ Flow Nail Education (completed with certification, IBD Course manicure (completed with certification)

  • 1998 - 2001     Hairdressing aducation (diploma)

  • 1983 - 1987     Michael L.E.A.O (diploma)

Professional Experience

  • Jun. 2006 - Today     10 for Nails     Function: Freelance Docent nail technician Acrylic and Gel system, Design, Nail art, Wimperextentions,

  • Jun. 2006 - Today     Owner Beauty en Nail Salon Gail’s Beautiful Nails. Gail’s Beautiful Nails is a Beauty en Nail salon established ad my house.

  • Dec. 1998 - Today     Community Centre (Gemeente Tilburg)      Function: Administration contributor

  • Oct. 1987 - Nov. 1998     Gemeenschappelijk UitvoeringsOrgaan     Function: Administration contributor

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