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Name: Eleonora Bortoletto
Current location: Turin, Italy
Languages spoken: Italian
Started location&date:
Certificate current status:


Eleonora Bortoletto is an Applied Master of Arts. He graduated in 1994 at the A. Passoni State Art Museum in Turin where he later enrolled in the faculty of Architecture. In those years she is very careful about everything about art and her different expressions, including her nails. In 2006 he participated in his first nail reconstruction course, rather generic and approximate. Thanks to his studies, he quickly acquires manual and aesthetic sense of form. The same year begins to pass on the world of nail art. He is constantly looking for courses that can meet his needs: becoming a professional and master educator with regard to teaching. From 2010 to 21012, he actively participates in national fair events with Abc Nailstore International. In 2012 she contacts Lysa Comfort president INJA (International Nail Judges Association) and takes part in the first course dedicated to judges in nails competitions. 2013 is an important year as it marks the turning point with what it has been looking for so far. He takes part in the training course to become Educator and enters the team of Antonio Sacripante. In the summer of that year he finally became a Master Educator Harmony. In January 2014, she participates in the International Master at Harmony in America where she gets another re-affirmation. Throughout 2014-2015 he actively participates as a teacher. In 2105 he reconfirmed himself as Master Educator Harmony. Always in that year, his focus is on another area of ​​aesthetics: dermaphimation. Within six months he has been attending various courses and focus themes with the Italian company Biotek. 2016 marks a moment of stagnation and introspective listening. There is a need to explore new curiosities and thus have a more diversified preparation. Interest in wellness and everything that is born is born
As well as a more specific trend towards marketing. The beginning of 2017 saw her attend a Cidesco course as a Spa & Beauty Consultant. So it approaches the welfare world where it seeks to transfer it to its everyday life. The customer must be able to experience an experience that is not just about simple nail reconstruction, but something that can be brought in with emotions, sounds and perfumes. This will be the starting point for everything that will happen in the future. In June 2017, two more confirmations were received: the Permanent Makeup Enablement (a course became mandatory in Piedmont) and the Specialization in Aesthetics.

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