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Name: Cila Santos
Current location:
Languages spoken:
Started location&date: 2015
Certificate current status:


Cila started in the nail industry in 2005, at this time the nail industry in Portugal was just starting, so she had a training and started working on the table. This way was the best way to better understand the clients and the products.
In 2008 Cila and husband opened the franchising of Hollywood Nails in Portugal and started to learn in Germany, a market that was way more ahead then the Portuguese.
Whit this learnings and excellent products, she started teaching, and the Portuguese market started having a very fast growing curve as many of the learned techniques were passed to the students
At 2013 she decided to have her own brand, so she created the brand HNPORTUGAL. The goal was to have the best products but with an affordable price.
In 2014 her company got an governmental certification for trainings from the Portuguese beginning 2015 Cila became a INJA Judge, and found a new goal; to create a competition team.
That same year, her husband started the HNPORTUGAL competition team, competing in Portugal and Spain and since 2016 until now (middle of 2017) the team gathered together more than 100 medals most of them 1st and 2nd places.. A result of all the knowledge given to the team, and the high quality products.
Nowadays her company is represented in 4 countries and in Portugal have 20 stores representing the brand.

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