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INJA Campus Training 2019




TRAINING: 17-21 JUNE 2019

EXAM: At the end of each day



Lady Nail

Via Ferrante Imparato, 198, 80146 Napoli NA 




This will be a 5-day hands-on training event. Each day will focus on mastering all aspects and techniques for the different competition categories. At the end of each day, your completed work will be presented and evaluated as your exam. Some of INJA's top competitors and global nail experts will be teaching.


  • This course will offer you the opportunity to learn from Champion Competitors from Nailympion and INJA Competitions.

  • This course provides you with a special opportunity to receive education from experts that do not traditionally offer education to the public. 

  • You will be learning valuable competition strategy and techniques from Champion Competitors from around the world. 

  • This course will help you to master techniques that will dramatically improve your salon work. 

  • This course will allow you to earn certificates of completion to help you to pre-qualify to attend INJA Judge Training.

  • This course will provide you with a priceless opportunity to connect with an extensive international network of nail technicians. 


Hotel Tiempo

Albergo A 3 Stelle nel Centro di Napoli

A limited amount of rooms have been reserved to accommodate those attending the course. The rooms are double occupancy (2 beds in each room) for 60€ + VAT (taxes) each night. Breakfast is included. 

If you will be needing to book a room or want to share a room please notify us immediately.



Total cost for the event is 1000€.

The cost covers 5 days of education, exams and includes lunch every day.

The course fee also included a manual, an apron, a shirt, a "swag bag" and Certificate of Completion. 


Day 1: Electric Filing and Salon Style French Competitions

INJA Director Lysa Comfort will teach you how to use an ELECTRIC FILE to do all procedures needed to compete as well as have success in the salon.

Competition Champion Roberta Giannetti will teach NAIL ANATOMY,  proper FORM APPLICATION, and SALON STYLE FRENCH COMPETITION TECHNIQUES.


Day 2: French Sculpture Competitions

Global Champion Olena Ozman will be teaching a special class on FRENCH SCULPTURE. Half the day will be GEL APPLICATION and half the day will be ACRYLIC APPLICATION

Day 3: Hands-on Competitions; Stilleto and French Twist

Competition Champion Inna Sculea will spend half a day on GEL APPLICATION and COMPETITION TECHNIQUES.

Competition Champion Mari Irimia will spend half a day on ACRYLIC APPLICATION and COMPETITION TECHNIQUES.

Day 4: Hands-on Competitions; Design Sculpture and Ultimate Nail Art Challange

Nailympion Grand Champion Anela Mucic will spend half the day teaching DESIGN SCULPTURE COMPETITION TECHNIQUES and half the day teaching ULTIMATE NAIL ART CHALLENGE TECHNIQUES.

Day 5: Submitted Art; Mixed Media and Fantasy Competitions

Competition Champion Denise Ariotti will spend half the day teaching MIXED MEDIA COMPETITION TECHNIQUES.

Competition Champion Lorena Amici will spend half the day teaching FANTASY COMPETITION TECHNIQUES.


 Spaces are limited to 50 people. Save your space soon.

Deposit for your seat is 200€

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