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She began his professional career back in 2000, she tries her hand as a Nail Artist in this fantasy world for over 16 years. Since 2008 she writes for the national and international magazines, proposing styles of the moment and industry news, skilled creator of designe and trends. The study directing, who loves to call "creativity workshop" and for her the point of contact with customers, specifically turning to individual courses for new recruits or those who want to enrich their knowledge or updates. She has participated in numerous international competitions such as: Roma, Palermo, Zurich, Paris, Tel-Aviv and Moscow to name a few in terms of time picking up countless successes. Barbara is constantly updated on this field, constantly traveling in Europe to collect the proposals of several colleagues and enrich them with their own style, giving respect, value and above all confidence in who she is as a pioneer for new proposals. In recent years he has created around herself a real working team, photographers, hairdressers, makeup artists, editorials etc. to constantly act on the market demands and make them possible.


Name: Barbara Vespa

Current location: Switzerland 

Languages spoken: English

Started location&date: Switzerland Jan 2017

Certificate current status:

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