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Antonio Sacripante 


Doctorate Professor in Science and Design, Dean of Education in multiple languages from Italian as the mother tongue, English and Spanish. Travelling around the globe as an ‘International judge’ as well as an ‘International Trainer’ in quite a lot of countries, such as Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, Ukraine, Malta, Cyprus, Mexico, Ireland, Russia, China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Israel, Bulgaria, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, India, South Africa, United States of America and Italy where he has his own academy NAILS & BEAUTY. His career is not limited to teaching but competitions, Fashion weeks, Fashion channels and Working with celebrities are also included in his busy schedules.

  • ‘Olympic Champion Artist’ Year 2004 and Year 2005 in Las Vegas.

  • ‘Team Trophy’ Year 2009 and Year 2010 in London.

  • Participated in several competitions as a judge in a panel of judges.

  • Milan Fashion Week, worked with well know brands such as NavaaRa, DSQUARED2, Les Copins, etc.

  • Cooperation with a popular Fashion channel ‘WORLD FASHION CHANEL’ in Moscow.

  • Worked with famous celebrities, like Rihana, Fergie, Paola Barale, Chanel Iman.

  • He is also the main organiser of ‘Italian Nail Competition’ where he gives the opportunity to creative people to innovate and to keep up with the beauty and fashion trend. He is also a part of the Nails Olympic and Ukraine nail competition.

  • He is a Professor of design and he spends his valuable time in seminars all over Italy and around the globe, from beginners level until master level. He teaches and practices nail design, structure filing and French styles.

He is a mind-blowing talent factory of technical aspects; if you are in this industry you should experience with him the reality of beauty and fashion.

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