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Name: Ana Margarida Gama
Current location: Portugal 
Languages spoken: Portuguese Spanish and English 
Started location&date: Lisbon-Portugal 2016
Certificate current status: February 2016


It all started in 2011, when I finished my aesthetics course, I quickly fell in love with the art of nail making. I decided then to raise the level and after several formations decided to start to compete in championships of nails. In my first championship I did not reach the podium but the management of the company Catherine Nail Collection noticed my talent and invited me to take the position of trainer in Portugal. This was officialized before the international company in 2014, where I was submitted to the tests and became a nail art educator in Portugal and Spain of the Catherine Nail Collection. Followed by some 1st places in competitions since 2014 as well. In 2016 the dream of being a jury was fulfilled in Lisbon with the formation of INJA. At this moment, I was again submited to tests and I am the only formator of the Mistero Milano company in Portugal since october, 2016. Summarizing all this then, I am just another nail lover who I was lucky enough to recognize my talent in this competitive market.

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